10 Dutch Designers

Bertjan pot

Born on the 26th of May 1975. Best known for his design called 'random light' (1999). Bertjan pot always starts his project with material research, which is basically the starting point of each of design he created.  He says the design is finished when the material and the construction of his design makes logical sense. Most designs Bertjan Pot has the simple look, but you can clearly see his self-opinionated twist to it. His outcome is usually an interior product showing a fascination for techniques, structures, patterns and colors. Most of his creations start impulsively. His always has a curiosity for how things would look and how it would function. From there he would face any challenges in his creation and try to push any boundaries try to explore any possibilities until he is satisfied with the creation he has made.


He is proud to be in the collection of “Victoria & Albert Museum, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, FNAC, MoMa New York, Textielmuseum Tilburg.




Hella Jongerius

Born on the 30th of May in De Meern. She started being educated at the Design academy Eindhoven where she graduated in 1993. You can recognize Hella Jongerius designs with all of her different kinds of characteristics. being very experimental with her choices of material and her research in shapes that you can see back in her designs. She got her recognition by making the 'soft urn' a vase made from rubber. In 2001 she founded the Designstudio Jongeriuslab where she can start her own projects and make product for her clients. She used to make industrial designs for many companies as Cappellini, IKEA, KLM, Maharam, Swarovski, Tichelaar and Vitra.

In 2008 she got awarded the Rotterdam. In 2008 she received the Sanoma Oeuvre Award and in 2017 the the Sikkens Prize.




Joris Laarman

Born on the 24th of 1979 in Borculo, He is a Dutch designer, artist and entrepreneur. He is special because of his experimental designs using all kinds of technology. He thinks that technology is developing faster than ever before. He finds that frightening and inspiring at the same time. This fascination for technological developments and all the possibilities that go with it are at the heart of their Lab. He truly believes that in our digital era, an unprecedented amount of visual materials is being produced. So much so that, in his opinion, its value is subject to inflation. That’s why we find it important that the ideas of the lab are actually tested and developed physically in high quality materials whenever possible.




Gerrit Rietveld
born on the 24th of June 1888 in Utrecht. A Dutch architect and furniture designer. He learned building furniture in his father workplace. After the primary school he started working there more. He didn’t like the traditional, massive furniture that was made and started to work as designer at a jeweler. Rietveld had many people that he looked up to and got knowledge from Frank Wright and Berlage. In 1918 he started experimenting with making furniture possible under influence.

Since Rietveld saw most his furniture as experiments, he created therefor the world famous 'Red-Blue chair' for himself. His friend advised him to contact Theo van Doesburg the founder of the modern art magazine called the De Stijl. He was later published in the De Stijl with one of his children chairs and in September one of his famous chairs.

Most of his furniture wasn’t only modern but also affordable and easy to produce.

He later started to work as an independent designer and furniture maker when he opened his own store in Utrecht.




Born on the 29th of April 1967 in Purmerend. A Dutch Designer. Piet Hein Eek graduated in 1990 from the Academy for Industrial design in Eindhoven.  In times of excess he chose to use simple material in a sober environment. He likes to make use of scrap wood after graduating he made the classic closet made from scrap wood. Eek design furniture, lighting and accessories next to that he keeps himself busy with interior designs. Recently he has been diving into architecture.





Christien meindertsma

Born on 1980 in Utrecht. A Dutch artist and designer. She studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven from 1998 till 2003 and received lessons from Hella Jongerius. In her work you can see the lifespan and use of consumption products and other materials.


Her work is on display at the MoMa, Victorie & Albert Museum and Cooper Hewitt design Museum.
She was awarded ‘artist in residence’ at the Textiel Museum in Tilburg



Scholten & Baijings 

The designduo Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings established a designstudio called Scholten & Baijings in the year 2000. They are well known for their minimalistic, fresh style and their recognizable colors. The way they work is that they first choose the material and color and from there they will create a product. Because of that they will always have a very unique design and creation.

After 19 years Baijings and Scholten have decided to explore new challenge individually. Both of them will work under their own name, but the Portfolio of Studio Scholten & Baijings will be supervised by Studio Stefan Scholten



Maarten baas

Born on the 19th of February in Arnsberg. A Dutch Industrial designer. He is called the Author-designer where his creations can be seen as Art and Designs. He currently is one of the most influenced Dutch Designer of the 21 century. In his work you can see it’s rebellious, Humoristic, intellectual and artistic. He currently runs the design industry where he worked In lots of different places for installations, public rooms, decors and performances.


His work is displayed in various locations. Moma, Victoria & Albert, Les Arts Decoratifs, Schiphol, Stedelijk Museum and the Rijksmuseum.  


He also works for exclusive brands like: Louis Vuitton, Dior, Swarovski, Dom Ruinart and Berluti.

For private collections he has worked with numerous celebrities like Brad Pitt, Kayne West and Adam Lindemann.




Richard Hutten

Born on the 30th of March 1967 in Zwollerkerspel. Richard Hutten graduated of the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 1991, the same year he started his own design studio. Currently Rotterdam based Richard Hutten is one of the influential and successful Dutch Designers. He well known for his ‘No Sign of Design’ Furniture. Also known for his conceptual, humoristic and playful designs. His playfulness is very important in Richard Hutten his work. Richard Hutten’s design are aimed to contribute to the importance of play as culture. So for that reasons his work isn’t only beautiful but also optimistic and fun.


Winner of numerous awards such as the Red Dot Award, LAI interior award, and the German Design Award.




Joep van Lieshout

Born on the 28th of september 1963 in Ravenstein. A Dutch sculptor and designer. He Dissects systems, Be it society as a whole or the human body. He experiment, looks for alternatives, takes exhibitions as experiments for recycling. He combines an imaginative aesthetic and ethic with of entrepreneurschip. His work shares a number of recurring thems, Motives, and obsessions: systems, power, autarky, life, seks and death. Each of these trace the human individual in face of a greater whole such as his well-known work the Domestikator.