AND FAVS 002 - Sarah Schulten

This week’s favorites by Sarah Schulten 

Sarah has been part of the Almost not done team from the beginning. She is currently the head of Comms for artist Studio DRIFT. Her favorite book off all time is A room with a view by E.M. Forster, she says that every sentence in that book is its own gem. For this week she choose the following 6 books and magazines for us.

Fantastic man 

One of the best interviews of with Rem I’ve read. His visions for the future always make so much sense


All time favourite. Sitting at home I looked at the book a lot again

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - a feminist manifesto 

She is one of the best writers of our time. I got this book as a present when my baby was born and everyone should have it. Also read Americana and Half of the yellow sun!!


Never been to Seoul but I want to go soon. This issue is all about South Korean style. It’s good

Ed Catmull - Creativity inc

If you have a creative company or you work in one you should read this. Its the only ‘business’ book I can stand.

Lotta Volkova - my boyfriend hates instagram

Part of PRINT Magazine by Art Partner! They test traditional media. You receive a box with not only a, but also post cards, pictures and ymore. It’s sick. And they work with the biggest names such as Lotta, but also Juergen Teller, Mert Alas, Marcus Piggott.