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Founded in 2012, Baserange is a line of modern basics with an emphasis on clean lines and easy silhouettes.The company works closely with innovative vendors to develop high quality textiles from both natural fibers and recycled content. Baserange believes that a commitment to clean production will minimize environmental impact and benefit both the producer and the user.

  • Black AL Velours Pants
  • White Longsleeve T-shirt
  • Black Aorta Pants
  • White Michael Longsleeve Body
  • Black Omo T-shirt
  • Black Puig Longsleeve T-shirt
  • Black Dydine Silk Satine Pants
  • Black Overall Dress
  • Orange Omo Velours T-shirt
  • Black Ubera Velours Hoodie
  • Alpaga Tory Crewneck
  • White Apron Raw Silk Dress
  • Black Silk Apron Dress