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Stacii Samidin

September 22th, 2016

Almost Not Done presented the latest photo series of Stacii Samadin at the Sugar Factory in Amsterdam. For two months the young photographer lived between a notorious corridor from Nairobi where he recorded the members in their everyday lives. Samadin previously photographed gangs in Los Angeles and Surinam for his series 'Societies' but no place made him more afraid than Africa.

It was also for this reason that he wanted to shoot the people here, with his camera, as they are and live. "Africa has opened my eyes. Here in the Netherlands I drive to several locations with my car in no time. There I walked at least twenty-four kilometers every day. Precisely by often, literally, standing still in your surroundings you can see how moving the world can be. It depends on how you look at it."

Stacii looks at himself and at others with a completely individual view. This ensured that he, as a 19-year-old boy, when he was given the opportunity to study with a documentary photographer, opted for the straight path.

The interest in capturing identities within a corridor comes from his own experiences with violence and aggression between and within groups. Yet sensation is the last thing that Stacii is looking for, because after capturing different cultures and nationalities there is an important thing that he has learned, Every person is human. The approach is therefore outside the violence and the familiar image of gangs.

Almost Not Done worked with Stacii because everyone who knows Stacii well understands why he makes this work. To make an honest and sincere picture he must live as the subject, feel what they feel. Only by confronting the confrontation literally and physically does he make a sincere reflection of reality. During the exhibition Stacii talks to other 'corridor experts' in a panel about his experiences.

He also shows fragments and other photographs during the panel that have influenced the outcome of his work. The idea is that everyone who visited the Sugar Factory on September 22 knows who Stacii is and what he stands for.